Circuit Tree Presents: Silicon Graffiti

Circuit Tree Presents: Silicon Graffiti

  • Date
    March 3rd 2008
  • Label
    Circuit Tree
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From Circuit Records:

1. “Under Your Skirt” by Take
2. “18th Sheet Reflections” by Jimmy Edgar
3. “Inference” by 000
4. “Dream Eater” by Baku
5. “Judah 2012” by Machine Drum
6. “Dangling Eyeballs” by Nived-N-Hydro
7. “Arriving at the Water” by Roy of Sealand
8. “The Vapors” by Alf 1 02:45
9. “Bro 79” by Phoenecia (Jacque Polynice Rmx)
10. “Neighborhood Specialist” by Wake
11. “Cognizance” by Kentsoundz
12. “Lyrical Soda Paper” by PG-13 and Wake
13. “Good Living” by Omar Jon Aljuni

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