Dublab Presents: Echo Expansion

Dublab Presents: Echo Expansion

  • Date
    August 18th 2009
  • Label
    Porter Records
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From Porter Records:

In September 2007 Dublab launched the Echo Expansion Tour. For two weeks the tour travelled through Europe sharing Future Roots music with excited ears. To commemorate this experience an extremely limited edition twelve inch featuring new songs from eight of the artist on tour was released; Including tracks from Flying Lotus, DNTEL and Blank Blue. This vinyl only release sold out in a flash, so after returning home it was decided to continue expanding. Eight new tunes have been added from artist who embarked on the Echo Expansion Tour or supported it from the home front and now Porter Records is releasing the compilation on limited edition CD and LP. Put this album on and experience a vibrant music collective expanding through echoes.

1. The Life Force Trio – ‘Alice! Live at the Natural History Museum’
2. Adventure Time – ‘Set On Satellites’
3. Blank Blue (Nobody) – ‘Eyes Closed (Private Stash Version)’
4. The Gaslamp Killer & Gonjasufi – ‘Robots’
5. Flying Lotus – ‘Backpack Caviar’
6. Ras G – ‘Stealth Mode’
7. Daedelus – ‘dnt fk sgr’
8. Dimlite – ‘Jose’s Views’
9. Dntel – ‘Sundial’
10. Languis – ‘Million Views’
11. Jahbitat & Daniel Gutierrez – ‘Tonada del Tormento’
12. Kutmah – ‘Song Song’
13. Hasim B. – ‘Tokyo to LA Steez’
14. Take – ‘Wonder Man’s Flask’
15. Matthewdavid – ‘Tomorrowspirit’
16. Andrew Pekler – ‘New Fibrillation’

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