Earthtones & Concrete

Earthtones & Concrete

  • Date
    August 30th 2007
  • Label
    Inner Current
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From Inner Current Recordings:

Constantly reinventing and expanding on his cinematic sound, Los Angeles based TAKE (aka Thomas Wilson) creates jazzy melodies using anything from live instruments to kitchen utensils. TAKE’s motto: “If it sounds right, use it!!!.” Earthtones and Concrete, his debut solo full-length, is very indicative of where Los Angeles is at right now, in attitude and feel. Garth Trinidad from Chocolate City on KCRW explains that it’s “Hip Hop music for meditation.” The album opens up with Chicken George stating that “it’s good to be free man, it’s good to be in LA.” TAKE mixes up what feels like a musical interpretation of the city with track titles like “Intersections,” “Stepping Over Buildings” and “Los Angeles is Outside.” It’s an honest effort to the get to the core of a city that arguably doesn’t have a center. The stand-out track is “Dream Suite” featuring Ditch Massive. With its steady beat and excellent MC-stylings, it’s a smooth lounge track with an edge to keep the mellowed out party going strong. If French duo Air was a hip-hop collaboration it would sound like TAKE. Look out for his soundtracks to two New Line Cinema films in the next year.

01. Overture feat. Chicken George
02. Black Space & Tangerines
03. Monopoly Money
04. Tuesday Never Comes
05. In Back
06. Slouched Over Rmx
07. Walk Away – feat. Gabby Hernandez
08. Thinking of Courtney feat. Caural
09. Northbound
10. Man Plays Dirty
11. Dream Suite feat. Dutch Massive
12. Golden Gate Reflections
13. Intersections
14. The Trouble w/ Libras
15. You High
16. Stepping Over Buildings
17. Through the Air
18. Los Angeles is Outside feat Caural & Gabby Hernadez

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