Eat Concrete Presents: Twin Earth Atlantic

Eat Concrete Presents: Twin Earth Atlantic

  • Date
    June 6th 2007
  • Label
    Eat Concrete
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From Eat Concrete:

With mostly new alliances and an international variety of artists, ‘Twin Earth Atlantic’ takes it all a bit further. Based around leftfield electronics, downtempo beats and experimental hiphop , this compilation is a journey across some of the most blooming, creative places in contemporary electronic music. Featuring well known, acclaimed artists such as Daedelus, Low Res, Aardvarck and Take as well as promising newcomers like Skymark and Ro Lee the composition of the album is perfectly in sync with Eat Concrete’s philosophy of being an antenna and a platform for new music. And while ‘Twin Earth Atlantic’ was originally released in the first half of 2007 and so called ‘beat’ music (in all it’s diversity) has concurred the world since, this collection still stands strong for it’s broad selection of styles and superb choice of tracks.

1. Ro Lee & ATeeze – Van
2. Skymark – The Last Way
3. Daedelus – Remix Of Nothing
4. Low Res – Dirty Lamentable Scheme
5. Headset – Grasping Claw
6. Ro Lee & ATeeze – Bronze (instrumental)
7. Hearin’ Aid – The Difference
8. Take – Tonight is
9. Aardvarck – Money
10. George – Her First Words
11. Ateeze – Hyk

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