Emergency Breaks

Emergency Breaks

  • Date
    January 1st 2001
  • Label
    K Records
  • Catalog

From Discogs:

Full friction hip hop breaks, mad skills smoking, sharp cuts equipped with enough strength to burn up that quarter mile. Checking in from Olympia, Wash., Take One is a DJ whose tireless activity at clubs and parties throughout the Northwest culminates in this lethal turntable tool. One side for MCs, one for DJs, buttery smooth production throughout. Take One also co-produced the Shinin ep, which features five diverse MC tracks featuring the best underground mic talent on the west coast.

01. Create and Control
02. Doe-Main
03. Transmission
04. Mazatlan
05. Ride On
06. Classic Refreshment
07. Don’t Start None
08. One Ton
09. Scratch Samples I and II
10. Cough

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