Project Mooncircle: 10th Anniversary Compilation

Project Mooncircle: 10th Anniversary Compilation

  • Date
    March 16th 2012
  • Label
    Project Mooncircle
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From Project Mooncircle:

Project: Mooncircle, as the name reveals, has been on a journey to the moon since day one, exploring the frontiers of music and art, always looking for new discoveries and giving a different perspective to look at the earth. In it’s 10 year history the label has published roughly 100 releases by equally as many artists from all corners of this globe and, therefore, the selection of sounds on this compilation represents the development of the label from the past, present and going into the future.

Some of the artists featured on this compilation have been a part of the label from its very beginning, like CYNE, Manuvers and Jahbitat, whose song will be the last one he produced and published under this moniker, while others, like Robot Koch, fLako and Long Arm, are outstanding examples of its growing popularity and success. Furthermore, the box also features an exceptional selection of close musical friends and inspirational artists like Jehst, Dday One, Kwala and Ichiro_, just to name a few.

01. Jehst – Australian
02. fLako – Jekyll & Pride
03. Arts The Beatdoctor – Ghost In The Machine
04. Dza – Wind Waker
05. Christoph El’ Truento* – Closer
06. Memoosh – Part.I
07. Pavel Dovgal – Koa
08. Daisuke Tanabe – Water Colour
09. Robot Robinson – Wave
10. Mike Slott & Diane Badié – Nightingale
11. Rain Dog – Spatial Separations
12. Sorrow – Distant Recall
13. Robot Koch – Serve
14. Sun Glitters – Insane
15. Sekuoia* – Dissapear
16. KRTS* – Heartache
17. Long Arm – Giki Giki
18. 40 Winks* – Only Love
19. Dday One – Aquarius
20. Sense Of The Q4 – Burned Bridges
21. Kratos Himself – Lonely Ride
22. Ichiro_ – Kaedematsushima
23. Om Unit – Naiad
24. EAN – Pictarus
25. 1000Names* – Take Your Time
26. Jahbitat aka Sunny Graves – Resonant Wood Temple
27. Sina. – Feels Like Home
28. Gards From KC – Next Cycle
29. Sweatson Klank – It’s All In Your Head
30. Rumpistol & Red Baron, The* – I’m Not Listening
31. Kidkanevil – Sofuckinfrightnin
32. John LaMonica – Stereo Claws

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