Third Story

Third Story

  • Date
    July 1st 2003
  • Label
    Buttermilk Records
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From Buttermilk Records:

This time around, Take proves he’s matured as a producer. “Third Story” is a 28 minute session of intricate instrumental Hip Hop that could be compared to Madlib meets early DJ Shadow with a twist of Prefuse 23 without the glitch.

Armed with only a sampler and piles of dusty records Take crafts an organic sound collage thick in layers and rich in melody. Songs like Looking For Life take the listener on an imaginary ride through the streets of Havana, Cuba or Sao Paulo, Brazil. What Else proves there’s still room for innovation in an art form that has become so predictable. The originality of the drum programming and it’s mellow fell will surely make What Else cross over into the Downtempo/ electronica scene. The rhodes drenched Next and Further On will definitely appeal to the lounge heads and college radio shows. A white label 12″ of these two tracks is already creating a buzz on the Los Angeles circuit. Finally the dancefloor friendly L.A.T. Will be considered the party joint of the EP while “Thumbprints” closes the disc out on the mellow tip.

The CD vresion features a bonus video up n’ coming director Jerry Henry for the song “Next”. A 12″ with remixes and new material titled Pieces from the Puzzle is being released on January 13th, 2004, a yet untitled EP is slated for Spring time and a full length is due in the summer. Expect full College radio and DJ support as well as reviews in related music publications.

1. Intro
2. Further On
3. Next
4. Looking for Life
5. What Else?
6. L.A.T.
7. Outro
8. Thumbprints

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