Ullyses (Sweatson Klank Remix)

Ullyses (Sweatson Klank Remix)

  • Date
    July 23rd 2012
  • Label
    Civil Music
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From Civil Music:

Om Unit’s third EP for Civil Music. Following on from EPs ‘Transport’ and ‘The Timps’ Om Unit continues to forge his own path. Aeolian showcases five emotive tracks that rouse the senses and together form a cinematic and journeying soundtrack. Focused predominantly, but not exclusively, around the 85/170BPM the unique qualities of ‘Aeolian’ are echoed with the choice of remixers; revered producers Reso and Sweatson Klank both contribute revisions to the package.

On ‘Ulysses’ a deep melodic synthscape combines with elements of liquid, footwork and trap. Reso’s remix adds constantly evolving jungle drum programming while Sweatson Klank creates a laidback swagger and warm downtempo soul. ‘Dark Sunrise’ feature the elegant voice of Tamara Blessa broadcasting a message for change. ‘Fumes’ features half time bump, warm bass and head-nodding throbs. ‘Lightworkers Call’ features Kromestar, it’s got 90’s west coast hip-hop feel but is driven by the snapping snare and a wall of square wave bass. ‘Slowfast Matrix’ sits somewhere between juke, jungle and liquid as it balances stormy synths and layered rhythms before the second drop deletes the sped-up drums and favours a half-time alternative.

Om Unit is one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent times, and packed with unique combinations of style, and diverse demonstrations of its makers adaptability, Aeolian shows us why. Just as the ‘Aeolian processes’ shape the surface of the Earth, Om Unit is helping to shape music’s electronic landscape.

Om Unit – Ulysses
Om Unit – Dark Sunrise (feat. Tamara Blessa)
Om Unit – Fumes
Om Unit – Lightworkers Call (feat. Kromestar)
Om Unit – Slowfast Matrix
Om Unit – Ulysses (Reso’s Different Drum Remix)
Om Unit – Ulysses (Sweatson Klank Remix)

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